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Lost? Go to Plan B and Flow

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 11.32.58 PMI woke up Saturday morning feeling lost.


I noticed that the things on my “schedule” brought me into a state of feeling even more lost. My mind thought Restorative yoga at 7:30am sounded like a good thing I should do for my body. I dragged myself out of bed even though I was tired from late night talking with my daughter. Walking to the new studio, I got lost when my phone died and I didn’t know the rest of the way. Getting lost meant I would be late, especially if I stopped in a store and asked for directions.

So, I took a breath. Walked a few more blocks, turned right on a familiar street to find my way back to my daughter’s apartment and I saw a restaurant with the name, “Plan B.”

Good one God.

At the apt, I walked up the stairs, climbed back into my bed, and emptied my mind. I waited and noticed the thoughts that were crossing my mind.

Start again.

Get dressed.

Get on #1 Bus to Santa Monica. A 20 minute ride to the beach.



I have landed back in LA after living out of my suitcase for 5 1/2 months. Home free. Traveling around the world. Living with Board Members and Heal My Voice Authors. Expanding my business. Saying Yes to experiences that put me into compression, a form of pressure where I can discover more about myself and discover the vision for Heal My Voice for 2015.

Now, I am staying with my youngest daughter in her studio apartment. Sleeping on an air mattress with our cat curled up next to me as I rest. I need rest. Time to integrate all of the changes and new awareness.

I want all of the answers right now and even as I say that I know it is not time to know. Today. I know the next steps and the answers will come. Feeling lost is a way of emptying the things I think I know. Being empty is part of the process of flow. It is the part where I get to breathe, wait, recover, reflect and rest.

Staying present on Saturday, I found myself in Flow again which led me to write in a coffee shop, pick up mail at my business mailbox, buy a pair of my favorite flip flops, a walk on the beach, a Pinkberry peppermint and chocolate frozen yogurt cone and back home to rest.

I am not really lost. Are you?

Time to Move: I’ve Got A Feeling

IMG_1628I first had “the feeling” in March. I was doing two simple tasks. Moving some things off the shelf of the medicine cabinet in one of the bathrooms and packing a few things to take to my storage unit. (I have been living in a community house for a year. Sharing a bedroom and half a closet. I also have a 10 x 10 storage unit I share with my daughter, Hannah)

Both times I felt a body sensation of tingles and heard the words, “It’s time to move.” I stopped and asked the questions, “Am I moving? Is everyone in my community house moving? Are we moving together? Am I moving somewhere by myself?”

I waited and listened. All I heard and felt was silence. No more information. I gently asked the questions once in awhile and I stayed curious, wondering why I felt that.

This isn’t the first time I have had a “feeling.” It is the primary way I live my life. Especially since my husband died in 2005. When he died, the beginning of a major transformation began and I began to listen to the feelings more.

I kept the question close to me and asked every once in awhile.

The “moving” details began to emerge with the next steps in April.

*Live out of a suitcase for 6 months to a year.

*Be still.

*Listen within.

*The answers will be revealed.

*One step at a time.

Yeah…well, I wish it always felt this free and easy. I do feel the trust more. I know that there is something amazing that is about to happen. And for the first time, in a long time, I feel like it is time to come back out into the world, reconnect and step into the next part of my life. It feels like the transformation is now emerging as integration.

Here we go!

A Little Dream Comes True

Day 96 of 100 Days of Blogging

When I was growing up, I had the wish that I would have an older brother and sister. My older brother would get me dates and my sister would advise me. When I first had this desire, I was 13 years old, the oldest child with a sister two years younger than me and a brother who was seven years younger.

In that wish, there was an underlying desire to have older siblings who would help me to navigate life. I was so confused about how to fit in and where I belonged and how to dress and how to make new friends in my new school at a time when I felt so awkward.

Today I had an unexpected moment of having an experience of having an older brother. Somehow in this experience, it felt like everything was right with the world.

I asked one of my housemates, Erik, to get my bike down from the ceiling chains in the garage. He decided to ride his bike to the beach, too. The whole time we were riding I felt like I was his little sister. We didn’t plan it. It just happened that the organic interaction between us brought up these feelings.He carried the bikes out to the driveway and then lifted my bike into the air and over the car that was parked in the driveway and onto the sidewalk. He told me to go first as we headed down the street. As we approached Venice Boulevard, a busy street he told me when to cross the street and showed me where to stay on the bike path between cars . He followed me for one block then told me he was going to ride fast to the stop light. When he got there, he waited for me. During the 2 mile ride to the beach, he wove back and forth speeding up and slowing down and turning his head back to check on me.

At the beach there was no direct entrance onto the bike path. Erik rode up a grassy path, over a hill, through a mud ravine to the bike path and I followed him, the way a little sister who wants to keep up and be included would do. With a full water bottle, a heavy bike lock and a blanket in my basket, I couldn’t make the sharp turn onto the path. I wiped out on the sand and fell landing on my thumb. I could feel the pulsing of a sprain. Still shaky I climbed back on the bike and peddled fast to catch up. I took the lead and wove around two tight curves. With an encouraging tone, he said, “That was so great! You made it around the tight curves.” Big brother words of encouragement after the spill.

We rode on the path for awhile and then parted to run errands and do the activities we each wanted to do at the beach.

In that moment, I felt warm and tingly and happy. I had my big brother~little sister moment.

A Little Dream Came True…

Conscious Parenting: Watch and Listen

Today’s Jonas Watch is sponsored by Dramatic Adventure Theatre. www.dramaticadventure.com


June 22, 2009

Tonight we are going to the concert in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Then, I am driving ten hours to Aurora, Colorado to get a passport for Hannah so we can continue into Vancouver in a week. I am leading a book discussion and we have two concerts to go to in Vancouver.

I want to share a few things that happened in the last few days. I will write about the concert tomorrow night, after the passport and some sleep.

A few stories to share with you:

Irving, Texas, June 21, 2009

We stayed at a Comfort Inn in a business park for two nights. The staff is very friendly to the hotel dwellers because:

1-they are friendly and
2-many of the people are repeat customers or extended stay customers.

At breakfast, Jimmie, the front desk guy, shared about an event he was going to in the evening with his girlfriend, Brittany. His church has a group called Spokesperson’s (like Toastmaster’s) and tonight was a ballroom dancing event. He was wearing a tuxedo for the first time. One of the hotel customers was a ballroom dancer by profession and spent an evening teaching Jimmie some steps.

Brittany arrived, as we were packing the car to leave. Jimmie in his tux, waiting for his front desk replacement to arrive. Brittany in her beautiful burgundy, long gown. They were adorable. Excited about the event and looking so beautiful in their formal attire, I took their picture with my camera and asked them to e-mail me so I can send it to them.

What an honor to observe this moment in time. The present moment was beautiful and…who knows where this will lead.


As we were driving from Dallas to Tulsa, a 14-year-old teen told her father, a sports writer for the newspaper Tulsa World, about us. She told him about a mother and daughter who are traveling to 45 venues to see as many concerts as possible. The daughter, Justine was one of the teens around the world who was waiting to see Hannah’s video clips of the concert. The video clips th

Eric wrote to us on Facebook yesterday. at she worked on in the car on the way back to the hotel and stayed up until 5 am to finish editing and uploading. He had the assignment to write a story about the Jonas Brothers concert in Tulsa. Justine and Ashley, a friend, are going to the concert with Eric tonight.

We arranged to meet at the Woodland Hills Mall in Tulsa. And through this arranged meeting, I had the opportunity to watch and listen to my daughter share her thoughts and feelings.

I thought about how this is preparing her for life. Formulating experiences into thought. Meeting people from different states. Sharing the story from her perspective. Meeting people from different cultures- Eric is full blooded Native American.

We met the whole family. Eric’s beautiful wife, his daughter, his son and their precious baby. A snapshot in my mind. I watched as Hannah shook hands with everyone and interacted with the family. I watched as I saw two families connect halfway across the country over a meeting over the Jonas Brothers.


I was thinking about a story I read in a magazine. Denise Jonas was getting her haircut and Nick Jonas was, I think, six years old. He was singing and entertaining everyone in the shop. One of the customers told Denise that Nick should have an agent. This led to Broadway shows and commercials and writing and performing music in the world.


Who knows where each of these interactions are leading us? I can imagine Hannah as a reporter, a film director, an actress…But, at the core of all of that is a young woman with a heart who is passionate, caring, determined and hard-working.

I am grateful to be along on this journey. I am watching and listening and singing and dancing.

Enjoy the adventure! Andrea

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