Conscious Self-Evolution: Reside in the Quantum Field

#5 in a Series of 10

Code 15: See Yourself as a Universal Presence, Manifesting in Physical Form

~Barbara Marx Hubbard, 52 Codes for Conscious Self-Evolution

The maps no longer fit the territories. The only expected is the unexpected. Everything that was, isn’t any more, and everything that isn’t is coming to be. Ours is an era of quantum change, the most radical deconstruction and reconstruction the world has seen. More and more history is happening faster and faster. Our challenge is to cultivate the vision and lay out the practical steps necessary to move through the opening times that follow upon closing times. ~Jean Houston, Jump Time

By the time you reach Code 15 on the spiral of conscious self-evolution, you have been receiving flashes of freedom, activated more of your life purpose, and surrendered to the pause, allowing things to unfold. Evolution is happening.

Grief is inevitable. Your nervous system feels something new and responds with anxiety, excitement, and confusion. As old doors close, new doors are opening, and you have glimpses of something that is emerging. You have also released relationships, jobs, limiting beliefs, and have been unlocking evolutionary codes that are within you and ready to awaken.

You are the universe in person, and you are co-creating the world you live in. In the quantum field, which is the space in consciousness for the higher frequencies of your being to evolve, you are the observer, and the recipient of the new. The flashes of insight that you received are coming into form.

In 2006, when I first began listening to Barbara Marx Hubbard talk about 52 codes for Conscious Self-Evolution, I remember feeling like I didn’t understand the words and concepts. I was in a small beta testing group of people around the world who had been invited to a weekly call on Instant Teleseminar. I let go of my mind after deciding that all I needed to do was keep showing up every week and listen. Over time, I noticed the codes beginning to make sense and connected them to an evolution that was happening in my everyday life.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr delivered a speech during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom on August 28, 1963. People who were close to Dr. King have shared that the “I have a dream” speech, came ‘through him’ as he spoke. It was not the speech he had written and planned on delivering.  As he stood at the podium, words flowed through him that would “influence the Federal government to take more direct actions to more fully realize racial equality.” ~National Archives

Dr King was standing in a quantum field with thousands of people holding the intention of freedom and equality.  He was tapped in and spoke words that have impacted people since 1963 from within this ‘field’.

This is what it means to ‘See Yourself as a Universal Presence, Manifesting in Physical Form.~Code 15

You may not have spoken to thousands of people from a podium, but I know you have experienced this type of tapping into ‘the field’. There was a moment when words flowed through you and you wondered where they came from or you knew that you were speaking from your essence, a higher frequency. You were inspired. You might have been writing in a journal or talking with a friend at lunch. You might have been speaking at a conference or to a group on Zoom.

You brought consciousness into form.

Earlier in this series of conscious self-evolution articles, I shared a story about going to 45 Jonas Brothers concerts with my teenage daughter during the summer of 2009. A flash of an idea. Following the inspiration. Pausing at the crossroads and waiting for the next sign that led us to co-creating with the Universe. Following the signs, we were connected to people and resources, including food, money, and housing. At the core of this adventure was a shift in consciousness. It was a calling to see with fresh eyes, to tune into new possibilities, and to cocreate with the universe.

You are the universe in person. The universe is self-creating; So, then, are you. This is what the great traditions have always taught us. This is what Jesus meant when he said: as he believed, so it is done unto you. This is what new thought teaches as the scientific mind treatment. You are one with the substance of creation. This is coming true now, for the first time, on the physical level. Through the new understanding of nature – the atom, the gene, the brain, combined with your spiritual awareness of the universal field of intelligence. ~Barbara Marx Hubbard

A few tips at this stage of Conscious Self-evolution:

  1. Practice deeper listening. Meditate and ask that you be shown your essence, a higher wisdom. Remember your full potential self.
  2. Ask questions. Keep asking until you have an answer. Trust that the wisdom that shows up is pointing you in the direction of your evolution.
  3. Stay humble. Every person has this potential power within.
  4. Be still. Know that your presence can shift a situation.
  5. Believe it! You are being informed by the quantum field. See the bigger picture of what is happening.
  6. Take inspired action. Keep showing up and watch the form that begins to appear.

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Andrea Hylen: Ancestral Lineage Healing Practitioner. Author of Heal My Voice: An Evolutionary Woman’s Journey. Creator of The Incubator: On-line Co-working Space for Cultural Creatives. Developmental writing coach.

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