Flip the Script: Integration

Week Fifteen: Flip the Script – Integration

Day Ninety-nine

I dream my painting and I paint my dream. ~Van Gogh

Today begins a week of integration with reflections about the past 98 days of Flip the Script topics.

I chose this topic because the process of creating involves innovation, changing a story, shifting perspective, re-framing a moment, and finding ways to express feelings, thoughts, and experiences. You are already flipping the script in your creative process. You have already been flipping the script with your view of the world. That doesn’t mean that we all agree on how we want to flip the script and change things in the world and that’s okay. Different views can still be focused on a desire to better yourself and the society which leads us to different paths.

The 100-day topic was an invitation to ask questions, examine your beliefs, and notice where it may be time to flip the script in any area of your life. It was also an invitation to remember where you have already flipped the script and to notice the gifts and strengths that appeared out of shifting your perspective.

In writing the 100 days, I have been looking for patterns in the world around me and reflecting on possibilities. What I wrote during the past fourteen weeks may lead me to a different idea tomorrow. Ideas are fluid and evolving. The older I get, the more questions I ask, because life has shown me how often I limit myself by thinking there is only one way to do things.

This has also been an exploration of the heart.

Here are the topics we covered:

Week One: An Introduction to Flip the Script

Week Two: Flip the Script on Peace

Week Three: Flip the Script on Water

Week Four: Flip the Script on Loneliness

Week Five: Flip the Script on the Holidays

Week Six: Flip the Script on Media, Books and Film

Week Seven: Flip the Script on The Body

Week Eight: Flip the Script on Sexuality

Week Nine: Flip the Script on Aging

Week Ten: Flip the Script on Work

Week Eleven: Flip the Script on Housing

Week Twelve: Flip the Script on Colonialism and the Patriarchy

Week Thirteen: Flip the Script on Social Justice

Week Fourteen: Flip the Script on Creativity

And now Week Fifteen is Integration.

As I tune in to what I want to write about this week, the answer is unclear. I feel like part of integration is to create space for whatever else wants to be expressed at this time. It is about pausing to feel the shift and noticing what else is here to be expressed.

The only thing I know I want to write about is Flip the Script on Stereotypes and why the Barbie film was so important for women and men. I will share more in a few days. I’m going to share a long post by Jim Palmer that was posted by Christian Rondow. If you want to read it in advance of what I am going to post in a few days, the link is below. If you read it now, take your time and give yourself some space to notice what you feel. For now, I will share the last paragraph:

“I love my daughter more than anything else in this world. I am so proud of the woman she has become and is becoming each day. There are so many good, beautiful, extraordinary and brilliant parts of her. The deepest wish in my heart is for her genuine happiness. The Barbie movie invited me to carry that wish in my heart for every woman.”

Jim Palmer


Day 99 Prompts:

*What was your favorite topic? Why?

*What was your least favorite topic? Why?

*What topics would you have included and what would you have wanted to explore within that topic?

To read all 100 days of Flip the Script, go to Medium: https://andreahylen.medium.com/

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