Coaching and Mentoring

“Many of us have created lives that give very little support for experimentation. We believe that answers already exist out there, independent of us. What if we invested more time and attention to our own experimentation? We could focus our efforts on discovering solutions that work uniquely for us.” – Margaret Wheatley

I believe in the power of your voice. I believe that women and men need a safe space where we can download and share our hopes, dreams, desires, fears, doubts, and insecurities. I believe that we all need a coach, mentor, guide, who can listen, provide insight, reflections with direct feedback, guidance and light. I am passionate about supporting people to live their fullest lives. To provide a safe space for exploration of what is present now and where do you want to go next.
The reason women and men hire me for short and long term coaching is because of my life experience and the conscious choices I have made to heal and break free of old paradigm rules and expectations. I know how to pivot, let go of an old paradigm and shift to a new idea.
My clients want someone who knows how to hold space for their inner authority and their voice to emerge. They want someone who walks their talk, who has survived and thrived in life’s challenges.They want someone who can help them uncover their soul desires and help them design the life they want to live. They want someone who will go into the core issues with no judgement.
Rates:For coaching and mentoring by Telephone/SKYPE or Zoom:

$450 for Three: 45 minute sessions
$750 for Six: 45 minute sessions

$1200 for Twelve: 45 minute sessions


If interested, contact me at for appointment scheduler and invoice.
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Life * Business * Relationships  * Conscious Parenting * Speaking, Writing, Social Media * Energy Management * Sexuality *

*Finding Your Voice in writing, speaking, program development, relationships, parenting, book marketing

*Writing Your Story

*Using Life Transitions and Change as a powerful tool
*Healing from loss, change and grief
*Stepping into greater leadership: Inner and Outer
*Awareness around blocks to healing, relationships, money

*Sexuality including Orgasmic Meditation training



My list of adversity includes:

Death of a brother, son and husband

Life threatening illness and recovery

Divorce: the messy divorce from an abusive relationship with kids
Codependency , ACOA and Al-Anon and Course of Miracles practice.
Homeschooling and Public Education
Conscious Parenting and Mentoring our Children to Adulthood (and Beyond)
Loss of a job and an eviction
Social Media and Marketing of books, programs and voice.
Sex Educator: Intimacy Research with a Partner and Orgasmic Meditation practice.


My “official resume” includes:

*BSW Temple University~Social Work and Human Sexuality 1980

*Worked at Planned Parenthood, WHCC (Women’s Health Concerns Community) in Philadelphia, University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University Epidemiology Research, Computer Software Trainer  and Quality Circle Facilitator at PharmaKinetics.

*Al-Anon meeting leader

*Girl Scout Community Leader and Destination Imagination Coach

*Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking~Ordained 2006

*Coach training: Enwaken 2010, Energy Coaching Program.
*Founder of Heal My Voice: writing, radio, social media, leadership 2011-Present. Writing Coach and Mentor of 200 stories by women. Ten Leadership Programs.
*Coach and Leadership Training: Onetaste 2014~Desire Based Coaching, Orgasmic Meditation Training, Sexuality Studies
*Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certificate (completion in February 2022)
*Ancestral Healing Practitioner (completion in July 2022)
*Author of 14 Books.


To hire me for coaching and mentoring by Telephone/SKYPE or Zoom:

$450 for Three: 45 minute sessions
$750 for Six: 45 minute sessions

$1200 for Twelve: 45 minute sessions


If interested, contact me at for availability and exploration.