“Andrea is a force of nature! She will help you to realize your goals in writing and in life.” ~Julian Royce, A State of Mind Counseling

“Andrea’s Incubators have been very inspiring and valuable for me and my book projects. Andrea’s professional, intuitive and generous support, the uplifting energies of the space she holds and the topics she presents as well as the co-creative community of beautiful women have propelled my book projects on and enhanced their quality. I love the diversity of support available comprising daily inspirations, private coaching, community calls, opportunities to discuss relevant book-related topics and present our own work as well as online writing retreats. The value for money is fantastic! I am very grateful and highly recommend Andrea and her Incubators. Sabine Kruse, (Spain) Author of Activate Your Highest Potential with Sacred Geometry: A Practical Guide to Freedom, Authenticity and Fulfillment

The Incubator is a wonderfully safe space to explore your creativity. Throughout the last nine offerings of the program, I have greatly valued Andrea’s supportive, intuitive and heartfelt guidance. I have been honored to be a participant in this community of inspirational, kind, and ingenious women. I highly recommend the Incubator if you are wanting a place to spread your creative wings. Gina Strauss, Licensed Professional Counselor

“Andrea is a compassionate healer that uses her insightful wisdom and energy techniques to help her clients see, sense, and feel their desires. Andrea’s support means she can help you clarify what you REALLY want, transmute your fears and doubts and anything else that is standing in your way, while helping you follow your own path. I highly recommend Andrea Hylen if you are feeling stuck at your own crossroads. Or you have painted yourself into another corner again because of your doubts and fears. Or you’re in need of a supportive, safe, and magical experience to help you transforming where you are now to where you want to be.”

Jeannie Dougherty, MAPC, LCPC

I highly recommend Andrea Hylen and her work with Heal My Voice. Andrea, gently but expertly led me through the process of writing my story for the book Fearless Voices. It was a systematic process in which Andrea gave 110% of herself to guide, teach & just listen. Your life will be enriched forever just to know Andrea, but especially to work with her.

~Debra Berney, Owner, A Kick in the Pants. Director/Instructor at Charm City Adventure Boot Camp

Andrea is a brilliant leader with the balance that allows the talents of others to be expressed in a way like no other. Without her delicate facilitation this expression of so many women would perhaps lie dormant forever. She holds the space for ALL women to heal parts of themselves leading to the fuller expression of who they truly are. My participation in Andrea’s project has changed my life extraordinarily in a way that I have no words for. She is an incredible pioneer and I look forward to all she touches for it will surely unfold with a divine presence to it. I am deeply grateful for this woman and her work.

~Rebecca Satori, Intuitive Success Coach, Author and Speaker, The School of Feminine Fortune

In Heal My Voice, Andrea Hylen has created an organization and a structure that will provide women and girls from a variety of circumstances to come together to heal from trauma, from loss and from grief. In a nurturing environment, Andrea leads participants to listen to their own voice that needs to be healed and to ultimately share that voice with others. As a participant in the first Heal My Voice book, I can testify to the tremendous growth I went through and also witnessed in other group members – for us to be able to recognize the story that needed to be told and to be willing to share it with others so that they, too, may claim their voice. I will be forever be grateful to Andrea for her support and encouragement during this process and I applaud her for offering this work to other women.

~Ann Quasman, Creator of WomanTalk Live & The Conscious Conversations Cafe