Flip the Script on The Body

Week Seven: Flip the Script on The Body

Day Forty-three:

Flip the Script on The Body

“Radical self-love summons us to be our most expansive selves, knowing that the more unflinchingly powerful we allow ourselves to be, the more unflinchingly powerful others feel capable of being. Our unapologetic embrace of our bodies gives others permission to unapologetically embrace theirs.” ~Sonya Renee Taylor, The Body is Not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love

Today is the beginning of a three-week exploration with the body. The focus this week will cover topics like stress, self-care, polyvagal theory, and listening to our body messages. Next week, the focus is sexuality, and the third week is aging (which begins from the minute we are born!)

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay was a life changing book that I first read almost four decades ago. Her focus on messages that our body sends us with dis-ease and her list of affirmations to heal with the body was transformative. I don’t know that I had really thought about the body as a messenger before reading her book. My daughters were raised with her book in the dining room where we had many conversations about what messages our body’s were sending to us. Now there is a copy at each of my daughter’s homes and talking about body messages has been normalized.

When I had emergency surgery in March with a strep infection in a lymph node, it was not a surprise that the messages centered around bringing more love and joy into my life because something had to shift. Irritation and annoyance and frustration had been building and it was time to feel it and release it. Surgery became a reset with the body and setting boundaries with myself and others. It was the beginning of a new balance and I’m still learning. A willing student and listening to my body.

Our bodies really are miracles. I believe that the body is a container for the soul, and it is my job to listen to what she needs.

Begin today by reflecting on the relationship you have with your body.

Day 43 Prompts:

Write a reflection about the following questions:

· What is your relationship with your body?

· What messages is your body showing you?

· What are some body challenges you have experienced in the past?

· What are you experiencing now?

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