The Incubator: An Online Coworking Space for Women

An On-line Co-working Space for

Women Cultural Creatives

Ideas move fast when their time comes.

~Carol Heilbrun, American educator, writer, and social critic.

We cannot live in a world that is not our own, in a world that is interpreted for us by others. An interpreted world is not a home. Part of the terror is to take back our own listening, to use our own voice, to see our own light.”

~Hildegard of Bingen

You can’t force creatives into a box. If you try, they’ll no longer be creative. And no one will want your box.

~Ryan Lilly


The Incubator:

An On-line Co-working Space For Women

Registration is OPEN.

October 1, 2024 – February 28, 2025

(Early bird registration: June 1 and September 1 registration bonuses are listed below.)

Silent Writing on Zoom begins in August.

Secret Facebook Group opens on October 1, 2024 for Setting Intentions

Topic Focus for 100 reflections with quotes, stories, and writing prompts:

Upleveling Archetypes: Rewriting the Stories of Women and Men

Four individual coaching sessions (45 minutes each) are included.

Sign up by June 1 and receive two additional coaching.

Sign up by September 1 and receive one additional coaching session.

Attn: Cultural Creatives: This is not a “program.” it is a space for women who want to create and who have something to express. This may come in the form of writing books and blogs, speaking on Facebook Live, Youtube and Podcasts, creating art, music, photography, dance with leadership in your home, communities, business and the world and the ongoing evolution and re-creation of you.

Women need safe spaces to have deep conversations and practice with each other. We need support. The individual coaching calls are a way for you to check in with me every month. We can talk about the projects you are working on or what is emerging in your life physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. In every project, something in you is dying while something new is being birthed. It is the journey from caterpillar to butterfly.


October 1, 2024 – February 28, 2025
(Secret Facebook Page and Setting Intentions opens October 1)

Daily inspiration for writing, reflection and creative expression

Current Topic Focus for Writing Prompts:

Upleveling Archetypes: Rewriting the Stories of Women and Men

Monthly Group Zoom Call or Online Retreat

Secret Facebook Group

(October, November, December, January, February)

(The first month – October – is a gentle opening to welcome women into the Secret Facebook Group. October 1-10 there are daily prompts for Setting Intentions for November-February. How do you want to use the Co-working Space? What do you need for support?

Spend the month of October tuning into your creative desires.)

Co-creative Lab Time on Zoom

Office hours for drop-in conversations about anything.

  Private Coaching (4 sessions)

Early bird registration has two options:

Register by June 1 and receive two additional coaching that can be used this summer.

Register by September 1, 2024 for bonus of one extra coaching session)

Cost is $297

Topic of Reflections and Writing Prompts is a mini-course (optional resource): Upleveling archetypes: Rewriting the stories of women and men. Using inspiration from Caroline Myss and other leading experts on the shifting Archetypes.

Questions? Wondering if this is a fit for you? Schedule a FREE 30 minute Discovery session:


On-line group for women:

*Work on a writing project, a book, a podcast, a blog, a workshop, online programs, or journal to discover more about yourself!

*Create art, write music, dance, photography, cultivate joy

*Explore questions that help you get to know yourself better

*Reflect on your leadership. Your desire. Your home. Your community. Your business. The world.

*Energize new possibilities, miraculous moments, more surrender, celebration, presence and allowing

*Let go of the old and embrace the new. (And you may have no idea what the new is)

The basic schedule:

October: Setting Intentions. Schedule a private coaching session. Office hours and Sacred Sanctuary Writing Space on Zoom (silent writing and time to check-in)

November: 100 days of reflections and writing prompts begins. Community Call. Schedule a private coaching session. Office hours and Sacred Sanctuary Writing Space on Zoom (silent writing and time to check-in)

December: Prompts continue. Schedule a private coaching session. Community Call. Office hours and Sacred Sanctuary Writing Space on Zoom (silent writing and time to check-in)

January: Prompts continue. Schedule a private coaching session. Online writing retreat for three hours (Community call, silent writing, open mic time for sharing creative projects.) Office hours and Sacred Sanctuary Writing Space on Zoom (silent writing and time to check-in)

February: Community call and wrapping up. Office hours and Sacred Sanctuary Writing Space on Zoom (silent writing and time to check-in)

 Depending on the energy in the group there will be creativity labs to talk about our projects, community calls for checking in, sacred sanctuary writing space for us to write together silently. Office hours for drop-in conversations. Resources and tools are shared, as needed by the group. Tune into what you need and ask me or the group.

The Co-working Space is a “Feminine” Process within a “Masculine” Container. We all have masculine and feminine energy, a balance of Doing and Being. In this space, there are Zoom labs, structure and accountability you can access and utilize.

I am inviting you into the power of staying with the feminine process.  Use this space to tune into the feminine process of feelings, intuition, and creativity. Go deeper with your writing and creative self-expression. Follow the sensation. Connect with your soul and inner wisdom. Allow room for new ideas and solutions to be birthed. Begin with the desire that is stirring inside of you.

If what you want is to set a task and complete a writing or art project, you can do that here. (With fourteen books self-published on Amazon in ten years and facilitating ten projects with groups of women, I know how to get stuff done! I also know how to stay in the mystery and let ideas bubble up.)

Here is the intention:  Imagine that you are spending 5 months in an on-line community of creative people. Every day, a prompt is offered for breakfast. You read it and let it open your senses, like an appetizer. If you have a writing project, let it stir something about your writing. You decide where to place your attention next. Connect with your desire. Use the resources that are offered. The community calls are for connection. The Zoom labs can be used to explore or process ideas, develop “workshops,” explore the next step in a writing project, accountability for finishing a project. Using Facebook Live as an ongoing Open Mic Night to read your words out loud to the group, whenever you want to. All of the tools are optional. You choose what you want to use to support your writing projects and life process. Everyone receives a monthly coaching call with me, if you want it.

What is your desire?

Do you have a writing project or a creative art project?

Do you want to write a book, start a blog, increase email communication?

If you have a project, where are you in the process? Do you have a deadline for completion or are you organically following the inspiration of a project that is evolving?

Do you want to use writing as a tool to process and explore something in your life?

Whatever the desire, the process is the same. In this 5 month container of creativity, you explore your thoughts, feelings, ideas and inspirations. It is a space to create and connect with other people who are writing and exploring creative self-expression.

During this Incubator, the writing prompt inspiration will be Flip the Script: Consciously creating the future.
Set up a structure for your writing and creative expression. Share in the group and ask for support, if it serves you.
A structure can mean that you buy a journal and set up a space in your home for writing every day. It could mean gathering art supplies and a space to play with self-expression. It could mean purchasing Scrivener and setting up a document for a book. It could mean looking at blog sites and making a decision to write a blog every day. It could meaning reviewing social media and trying something new.
Tune in to what you need.
Monthly community calls for checking in and talking about anything that is happening in your life.
An on-line retreat with a community Zoom call for checking in, an hour of silence for writing and creating, an hour for sharing our words and art creations.

A secret Facebook group for connection and witnessing and inspiration from each other. Come in and out, as you please.

Private Coaching with Andrea: Four sessions on Zoom. One per month. Expires at the end of every month.

Zoom Creativity Labs: Offered throughout the 4 months based on the desire in the group. Topic discussions around social media, writing, blogging, publishing, and life!

Independent writing and an opportunity to connect in community for sharing and accountability.

Set an intention for this 5 months.

Use Facebook LIVE in the group for an open mic night experience once a week to read your writing to women in the community.

With a focused word for each week’s prompts, the intention is to stimulate your senses. To create a space for exploring and expanding. Writing and art bring up things that are hidden or that have not been spoken before. Embracing the shadow as an ally and teacher who is guiding you to fulfill your desires. Unravel from the old path and see what is true for you now. All of this will support your writing projects.

5 month Co-working Space Resources include:

*100 daily prompts for reflection and writing and creative self-expression

*A Secret Facebook group Community. Women Only

*Community call on Zoom (come Live or listen to the replay)

*Zoom Creativity Labs

*Individual Coaching with Andrea (4 sessions) One per month, expires at the end of each month.

*Facebook LIVE in the group. Practice being visible. Read your writing or talk to the group about an idea or a feeling.

*Ideas and inspiration

*Private Resource Page with links to articles and videos and websites for different stages of Writing, Social Media, Publishing and Blogging.

*Additional private coaching is available at a discounted rate during the program.

Focus of each week this fall/winter will be posted in the secret Facebook daily.

Limited to 30 women

Sign up now to save your space:


$297: The Incubator