Flip the Script on Sexuality

Week Eight: Flip the Script on Sexuality

Day Fifty

Suprasex: In sexuality, we join our genes to have a baby; in supra sexuality, we join our genius to give birth to more of ourselves and our greater work in the world. We are shifting from procreation to co-creation, from self-reproduction to self-evolution. Nature’s pattern is to create deeper resonance and cooperation, to receive, to conceive the new. Something new is being conceived by us through the fusion of genius. Nature is attracting us to where we can best co-create because it always wants to realize more potential. Supersex is one of her ingenious ways to get us to do more co-creating right now! ~Barbara Marx Hubbard, Shifting from Ego to Essence

The definition of Sexuality is “a capacity for sexual feelings.” That seems simple enough, but humans have really complicated it.

Sexuality has been used to shame, manipulate, evoke fear, power, and control. If there was ever a word for us to flip the script and reprogram, it is sexuality.

Sexuality is a superpower that pulses through our bodies as an electrical circuit of creativity and co-creation. When connected to another person, or anything living on the planet, our synapses start firing with aliveness. This can be activated through conversation, shared ideas, and physical touch.

For many people, the idea of having sex with strangers, feels wrong, even “morally” wrong and yet, we have sexual energy exchanges with strangers all the time. Singing in a choir, dancing in a crowd, random conversations on a bus can all activate our sexual energy.

When I am in West Los Angeles, several grocery stores are within a mile of where I am staying so I walk, do small batch shopping, and use it to get exercise. I walk in a neighborhood filled with blooming trees, bushes, and flowers. A neighborhood filled with birds, and squirrels. I even saw a coyote in the driveway one afternoon. I feel alive!

I’ve had several exchanges of sexual energy exchanges at the grocery store in the past few weeks. It happens when there is a moment of connection that creates a zing of recognition and connection in the body.

At the grocery store, I like to bag my own groceries into two canvas bags and distribute the weight for walking home. A few days ago, a woman clerk offered to bag my groceries, and I said, “Why don’t we each pack one bag and work together.” She smiled and enthusiastically replied with a “Yes!” We worked as a team, and she commented on how fun that was to work together. I felt a zing as I told her, “I know!” Both of us were smiling and beaming! It was a collaborative teamwork and community building. On the walk home, I thought about how alive my body felt. The connection we had, the mutual feeling of co-creating community in a simple act of bagging groceries and introducing ourselves to each other. We understood something about each other and felt a resonance.  

If we can flip the script on what sexuality really is, I wonder if it would shift power dynamics. If we all felt the zing of being alive, would it change the need to control and manipulate others?

This week will include reflections on consent, sensuality, pleasure, and gender roles. Let the flipping begin!

Day 50 Prompts:

  • What comes to mind when you think about flipping the script on sexuality?
  • Write about a time when you felt a zing of connection that did not involve physical touch.
  • Are you aware of your sexuality as a superpower for co-creation? Write a reflection about this superpower.

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