Ancestor Circle

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Good day to you!

The Ancestor Circle is for people who have had two or more private ancestral sessions and want to continue the ancestral work in a group circle.

The circle is a simple way to continue to check on the lineage repair with guidance every month and to deepen the ancestral connection. There is time for sharing a few words about your experience. Most of the time is spent in a guided session or two.

When all of your ancestors are well on a line, I encourage you to book a private session with me or another practitioner to receive Fanning of the Blessings with your ancestors. It is a deepening and a simple Initiation to be the face of wellness of your lineage.

Personally, after four years of working with lineage repair and developing a relationship with ancient ancestors, I meet with a practitioner for a private session once or twice a month. There is value in being held and witnessed in a private session. With lineage repair complete on my four grandparent lines and great-grandparent lines, the sessions focus on patterns I experience or witness with living relatives in the present. I also attend a monthly  ancestor circle for practitioners which supports sitting with my ancestors and asking for guidance or sitting with gratitude for our relationship. Like having a cup of tea and sitting in silence.

Circle is 90 minutes. Land acknowledgement and calling in the ancestors begins at the top of the hour. Most of our time will be spent in ritual space with your ancestors with a pause to take notes.

Photographer: andrae-ricketts-Q9_zv0LN4jU-unsplash

12-1:30pm Pacific

3-4:30pm Eastern

9-10:30pm Central Europe

Monday, September 11
Monday, October 9
Monday, November 13
Monday, December 11

The cost is $15.

Ancestor Circle