Ancestral Lineage Healing and the Moon

This Page is a place holder for a 30 day experience that begins at the new moon on December 23. The cost is $47. Below is a bit of a description.

Updates to Event Page and link for registration will be added soon.


Elizabeth St. Germain and I are going to co-lead a 30-day experience that begins at the new moon December 23. Utilizing the eight phases of the moon from one new moon to another, you will choose an ancestral pattern that you want to release and bring in a new vision of wellness.



A ritual can be a support, aligned with intentions in a space.

Rituals bring communities together with purpose.

Rituals create connection.

One of the rituals in the nine month programs for Heal My Voice was to honor each woman’s voice. The focus of the program was to write a story of trauma, loss, and grief to reclaim power that was tied up in that story and step into greater leadership at the dinner table, community, business and the world. At the end of every community call, we would pause for women to tune into their hearts, allow space for a word or phrase to bubble up and to speak a word into the circle. Each woman’s voice was important. Each woman’s frequency and vibration completed the circle.

Do you feel the power in that ritual and intention? Each woman’s voice matters.


Rituals are also a way to deepen the connection with the unseen spirits of your ancestors and unravel old patterns (burdens) while bringing in more of the blessings of your lineage.


Leading up to the new moon on December 23, Liz and I are going to do Facebook Lives in her Women Living in Love Facebook group. If you are interested in this topic and want to hear our talks about the moon cycles and ancestor lineage healing, join her facebook group for free. The first Facebook Live is on November 30.


An ancestral pattern might be something that kept your people safe and in this day and age, that is no longer necessary. It might have set up a boundary between neighbors who came from different countries or had different religious beliefs. It could be a belief around money or fun.


At each moon phase we will have simple ways to use the power of the moon to connect with your ancestors, ask for their support and shift this pattern to open to the blessings of your lineage.


We will have the event page up this week. I will update the web page when it is live.


In the meantime, here is the link to Women Living in Love for the free Facebook Lives.




If you are interested in exploring ancestral lineage healing with me, I have an Introductory rate for the first three sessions.


The Introductory cost on Ancestral Lineage Healing – A 5 step process


Three sessions: $175 (regularly $325)


*Session One: An assessment of the wellness of 4 lines (grandparents) (90-minute session) We talk a bit and then I lead you into a process that is like a guided meditation.


*Session Two: Focusing on one of your lineages to connect with a guide and set up a container for healing. (60-minute session)


*Session Three: An integrative session with next step suggestions. (60-minute session)