Coaching and Editing Fees

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It is time!

After working with over 125 women on writing stories, blog posts, books, and developing programs, I am expanding my business to work with women on individual projects. Books, screenplays, Blogs, on-line and in-person workshops.


In the fee section below, I have broken the cost down into hours and I have a minimum fee for each section. For example, my basic editing fee is $50/hour. To work with you on your project, I have a package of 5 hours as a minimum fee for editing.


I require a minimum because once I begin to read your writing project, I carry it with me 24/7. I dream about it. I digest it as I walk and ideas pop in at random times. I don’t charge you for that germinating time in me. So, to be hired for an hour does not support the process for either of us and it becomes an energy drain for me.

I believe in you and your project and I put my whole heart into supporting you.


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Writing Project Services:

1. Editing: This is a process of reading, providing feedback and letting you know where I feel connected, which areas need clarity and suggested ideas. I will send you notes. Most of the time, I will ask you to send me the writing project in Google docs so that I can use the suggested editing in real time and post comments.

2. Writing: You are stuck or a section isn’t coming together and I will rewrite it. Offering new ideas and sharing my experience and creativity.

3. Coaching: Connecting through Skype or Facetime or Zoom. A 45 minute session to talk about your writing project, process emotions, hold a space for you to download your internal process, sharing action steps and information and ideas.


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Writing Project Fees:

1. Editing and feedback on your book, novel, screenplay: $50/hour.


Minimum fee: $250 for 5 hours


2. Writing and Rewriting sections of your book, program and ghost writing: $100/hour


Minimum fee: $300 for 3 hours


3. Coaching: $125/hour


Minimum fee: $375 for 3 hours


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If you are interested in working with me, First send a text to me at 443-604-1172 and an idea of when you want to start and your timeline goal. I will confirm or let you know my availability. Include your name, in case I haven’t added you to my phone list.

I only work with 5 projects at a time. So please confirm with me.

After we confirm, Send payment to

Thank you! And good luck with your project whether we work together or not.

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