Discover Your True Potential: 8 Valuable Tips

Discover Your True Potential:


Eight Valuable Tips for Building an Innovative Business (and Life!)

By Andrea Hylen



 1. Be willing to Go on the Ride

 Be willing to fall, to pause, to get up and start all over again.



 2. Get Turned On (and reconnect to it over and over and over again:

Write a mission statement that includes your intention, desire, purpose, longing and yearning.


3. Manage Your Energy

Set Boundaries and Prioritize

Give up stuff: Physical, emotional, mental.


4. Pause and Release

Commit to a regular practice that empties your mind.


5. Develop a Relationship with Personal Power

Cultivate your intuition

Know what makes you tick and how you operate


6. Collaborate with others (in a way that makes sense)

 Strengths vs weaknesses


7. Make friends with change, discomfort and “not knowing”

Let go of attachment (If you are a dog groomer, be open to bunny grooming.)


8. Enjoy the Adventure:

Practice Gratitude and Celebrate


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