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In November 2010, I hosted 44 radio shows in 45 shows to connect with people over the holidays. Beginning the Sunday before Thanksgiving and through to Jan 7, 2011, I interviewed 27 guest and hosted 17 shows on my own. Many of my guests had never been on the radio before.
I have continued to host radio shows for Authors and have conversations teaching people how to use the radio as a tool for business, connecting with your voice and expanding leadership skills.
On this page are coaching packages and a free audio recording with tips.
FREE 40 minute Audio Recording
In the audio, Andrea shared her personal journey with Blog Talk Radio and listed a variety of reasons you may want to host or co-host a show for personal or business reasons. She also talked about starting a radio show for an organization.
Andrea became co-host of Living on the Edge with Kathryn Yarborough on Nov 2, 2010.
Within a week, she was inspired to host 44 Grief Transformation Radio Shows over the holidays Nov 21, 2010-Jan 7, 2011. On her show she has attracted guests from all over the world.
She has worked with a variety of people including The Beloved Community, mentoring Peace Ministers to share their ministry on Blog Talk Radio.
Andrea has two BlogTalk Radio Channels including Heal My Voice which supports women and men in empowering themselves. It is connected with her organization Heal My Voice, Inc.
Creating a Blog Talk Radio Show:
*Step by step review of the whole process.
*Setting up your account
*Scheduling shows
*Foundational pieces for each show (MUSIC, IMAGES)
*Tips on filling out forms, uploading files
*How to Find Guests
Blog Talk Radio Coaching:
1 hour: One on One Support to help you create your personal site.
Additional package with more support:
$250 for 3 hours + support on your first show
Support Suggestions:
*One on one set-up instruction
*Exploration of purpose of show, content, guests
*Review of site
*Practice for show
*Support during first show