Winter Special: Ancestral Lineage Healing

We are not doing a very good job of assisting our dead in getting where they need to go.

Sarah Kerr, sacred deathcare practitioner

In the Ancestral Lineage Healing sessions, the focus is relationship building and lineage repair that is organized and orchestrated with the well ancestors, who are in spirit, on each line. This is village based, community work.

By connecting with ancient ancestors in spirit, asking for their support in bringing each line of ancestors into wellness and vibrational aliveness, the burdens on each line are healed and the blessings are amplified as support for the living. This is lineage repair and relationship building with vibrantly well, wise elders.

Ancestral Lineage Healing has a wide range of practices. Some of them are a one-time session and that is complete. The process I was trained in involves 10 – 40 sessions. Some of them are completed with a practitioner and some can be completed in your homework.

Five Steps for each primary lineage:

  • Step One: Assessment of Four Primary Grandparent Lines (one 90 minute session)
  • Step Two: Meet an Ancestor on one lineage (60 minute sessions)
  • Step Three: Blessings and Burdens – Healing Older Ancestors (60 minute sessions)
  • Step Four: Healing the Remembered Dead (60 minute sessions)
  • Step Five: Fanning of the Blessings to the Living (one 60 minute session)

Step One and Step Five are completed in one session.

Steps Two, Three and Four may be completed in one or multiple sessions depending on trauma and wellness of a line and depending on your relationship with the remembered dead – parents, grandparents, great-grandparents.)

Additional sessions include harmonization of well lines and thematic sessions.

Winter Special: Six Sessions for $300. (Regular rate is $600)