Writing Incubator – Book Launch and Promotion

Book Launch and Promotion


1. Make a list of blogs and podcasts/radio shows/people.

2. Prepare a list of tweets and Facebook posts for you and to share with others.


Wonderful new book by Tabitha Jayne – Thriving Loss: Move Beyond Grief to a Place of Peace, Passion and Purpose.  If you are grieving the loss of a loved one and want to let go of the pain but hold onto your relationship with them you need to read this book.



In her new book Thriving Loss: Move Beyond Grief to a Place of Peace, Passion and Purpose, Tabitha Jayne shares the five step process that allows you to let go of the sadness and sorrow of grief and bring peace and love into your life once again.  Check it out here: www.thrivingloss.com

3. Podcasts, Radio Shows, Facebook Lives, Guest Blogger, Blog Tour.

4. Living room, bookstore and Zoom events

5. Donations to a Charity: At Fearless Voices Book Launch, books were sent to women in prison. We had a letter writing program between women in prison and women in the free world.


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