Writing Incubator – Editing

This page has tips for editing your writing and tips on different kinds of editing.


1. One simple tip is to always, always, always read your words out loud to edit. Before you post on Social Media, on a Blog, content for a website. Reading it out loud will help you notice typos and missing words.


2. Writing sessions and editing sessions are different. Schedule them separately. Writing requires flow. Editing requires structure. Let your ideas flow and write and write and write. Determine when to edit and set aside time.



Key Ways to Tighten Your Manuscript Before You Send it To Your Editor

1. Take a Break!

2. Read, Revise and Repeat

3. Get Outside Feedback

4. Run a Revision Tool

5. Clean Up Your Formatting

6. Vary Your Sentences

7. Ensure Your Citations Are Correct

8. Check Your Headings

9. Capitalize Correctly

10. Send the Correct File Type


How These 5 Editing Types Take Your Book from Good to Great

(Blog post by Kelly Notaras)

Manuscript Assessment

Developmental Editing

Line Editing




Five Steps to Building Your Editing by Kelly Notaras (A Video)


  • What exactly an editor does
  • The different types of editing you’ll need
  • How to step back and see the “big picture”
  • What it means to “kill your darlings”—and why you gotta do it!
  • Plus a special bonus gift that will help you get started as an editor today


6 Things Almost All Writers Get Wrong When Self-Editing

1. They try to edit as they write.

2. They try to do everything at once.

3. They think technology is cheating.

4. They forget to “unglue” their writing.

5. They don’t take out the clutter.

6. They don’t take time away.