Writing Incubator – Memoir Writing Tips

This page is tips for Writing Memoirs.


How to write a memoir: Five Books To Get You Started Kelly Notaras (Video)


Mine your own experience.

#1 Your Story by Joanne Fedler

#2 Shimmering Images by Lisa Dale Norton

#3 Still Writing by Dani Shapiro

#4 The Art of Memoir by Mary Karr

#5 The Book You Were Born to Write by Kelly Notaras

Bonus Tip: Go to your local Indie bookstore and ask what the top best selling memoirs are now.

What the Best Memoirs Have in Common: Tips for Writing Your Story (Video)

*The difference between a true memoir and a chronicle of events

*What it takes to win readers who don’t already know you

*How to bring your story to life in a way that keeps the pages turning

*A practical writing exercise to help you on your way


How to Write a Memoir: Tell Your Story in 8 Steps (Reedsy Blog post)

Big Questions About Memoirs

Examples of Successful Memoirs

How to Write Your Memoir in 8 Steps

Common Memoir Writing Mistakes



The secrets to a memoir outline


Secret #1: The best memoirs are written in scenes.

Secret #2: Include only what the reader must know.

Secret #3: Walk us through your life—instead of talking to us about it.

Secret #4: You don’t have to start at the very beginning.

Secret #5: Great memoir often switches between present and past tense


Choosing themes for a memoir (A 30 minute exercise)

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