Flip the Script: Consciously Co-creating the Future: An Introduction

Week One: Flip the Script: An Introduction

Day One

Let’s begin!

“No, this is not the beginning of a new chapter in my life; this is the beginning of a new book! That first book is already closed, ended, and tossed into the seas; this new book is newly opened, has just begun! Look, it is the first page! And it is a beautiful one!”

― C. JoyBell C.

Every year, in the Incubator: An online co-working space for women exploring creative self-expression, I post a 100-day exploration and experiment around a topic. This year the topic is Flip the Script: Consciously Co-creating the Future. The inspiration to explore this topic came from a book called The Flip: Turn Your World Around by David H. Rippe and Jared Rosen, published in June 2006.

When the book was released in 2006, I had already flipped the script on health care, education for my children, caring for the environment and living a shared resources lifestyle. As I re-read the book earlier this year, I was curious about what incremental changes could we make to better the world now?

I felt this topic was a good fit for The Incubator because the process of creating involves innovation, changing a story, shifting perspective, reframing a moment, and finding ways to express feelings, thoughts, and experiences. The women are already flipping the script in the creative process and with their view of the world. That doesn’t mean that we all agree on how we want to flip the script and change things in the world and that’s okay. Different views can still be focused on a desire to better yourself and the society which leads us to different paths.

While the Incubator is in process, I’ve decided to post one or two entries to my blog each week, to bring you into the conversation and exploration. There is so much change going on in the world with breakdowns of old, outdated institutions, flipping the script will create breakthroughs and a world that works for everyone.

This week, as part of the Introduction, the topics include identity, the pandemic, a world of light and dark, carving a new path, consciously co-creating and a practice for regulating the nervous system.

From the book, The Flip: Turn Your World Around

“Becoming a flipster, participating in one of the greatest shifts in consciousness in humankind, does not require credentials. Political affiliations are meaningless. The flip doesn’t care if you graduated summa cum laude, got your GED, or dropped out of high school. Race and gender are immaterial. Nationality is moot. It matters little if you are an unemployed steelworker, a corporate executive, a sales rep, or a social worker. All are welcome to the flip. There is only one pre-requisite – the desire to better yourself and society.”

The 100-day topic is an invitation to ask questions, examine your beliefs, and notice where it may be time to flip the script in any area of your life. It is also an invitation to remember where you have already flipped the script and to notice the gifts and strengths that appeared out of shifting your perspective.

I want to emphasize that the Incubator is not a program with things you need to DO. If the 100 days is a resource that feels supportive, dive in, or dip your toes in occasionally. If it doesn’t feel supportive, then ignore the daily posts. Stay focused on your intentions and the art, writing and self-expression you want to explore.

There are no grades and no comparison with each other. Our creative expression is different so tuning in to what you need and processing that during our monthly coaching conversations will support your unique journey.

The 100 days is designed to stir the pot around a topic. To explore, uncover, deconstruct, and invite solutions. This may create discomfort or bring up feelings. Remember that breakdowns lead to breakthroughs. Solutions are born out of challenges and by listening to what is unknown.

In writing the 100 days, I am looking for patterns in the world around me and reflecting on possibilities. What I write today may lead me to a different idea tomorrow. I write with confidence, humility, and reverence regarding our differences. Ideas are fluid and evolving. The older I get, the more questions I ask because life has shown me how often I limit myself by thinking there is only one way to do things.

Keep this in mind as you read the prompts and think: Both/And vs Either/Or. My idea does not negate your idea. I can add chocolate chips to my muffin recipe and you can add cranberries to yours – or not eat muffins at all! 

Day One Prompts:

*What do the words “Flip the Script” mean to you? This could be an idea, an experience, or different clusters of words.

*Write about a time when a belief or expectation changed. It may have been something you judged about another person and then you found yourself in a similar situation. Or you heard someone speak and their words influenced a change in your perspective.

*How did that change impact your life?

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