Landing on Your Feet with Sherry Burton Ways

FinalCoverBack (1)Landing on Your Feet and Putting Down Roots:

21 Rituals to Transform Your Life and Interior Space

By Sherry Burton Ways

Today is Day 5 on a 9 stop virtual book tour. From July 14 – July 28TH. Sherry is visiting Nine Websites on a virtual book tour. You are invited to follow the tour, visit a new blog each day, meet some wonderful new friends and experience something new. Go to this page to see all the stops and to enter and win prizes:

Review of Her Book:

Through adversity and challenge, we heal and awaken to our desires, talents and skills. In her new book, Landing On Your Feet and Putting Down Roots, Sherry Burton Ways shows us the story of reclaiming her life, her space and her personal design style voice after the ending of her marriage. Her book is filled with ideas and inspirational ways to step by step restore your spirit and bring beauty, intention, and YOU into your living spaces.

Change of any kind can be stressful and life altering However, if you begin to look at changes and how your environment can respond and support you, it will be a process that you can begin to enjoy Rituals can be so easy, fun, and -empowering as ways to stay connected to source, to manifest and decorate your moment with ease” ~Sherry Burton Ways

Twenty-one rituals from journaling and setting an intention to meal preparation, bathing and essential oils, Sherry inspires you with an overview of each ritual and specific action steps to help connect with who you are and what you want in your space.

And let me tell you, dear reader, the photos are gorgeous. Gaze upon them and use them as part of a sitting meditation bonus. They are calming, healing and inspiring.

I had the opportunity to interview Sherry and ask her to share some personal details. To read the Q and A, go to this link:

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