Orgasmic Meditation: Feeling More Sensation

Day 44 of 100 days of Blogging

One of the benefits of an Orgasmic Meditation Practice is an increase of sensations in your body. It brings an aliveness and a flow of energy.


One moment:

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Sitting next to my intimacy research partner on the BART train in San Francisco, I touched his leg and felt the sensation of warmth and electricity. The sensation increased and I noticed my hand had shifted to my own knee. I felt warmth and electricity there, too, and the flow increased throughout my body. I paused.

“Wow! I am so turned on by the sensation in my body. It feels so alive and buzzing and fresh and new.” I told my partner to wait on the kiss. I wanted to feel the buzzing in my own body for another few minutes. Then a kiss from him expanded my heart with a fluttering and I felt a sensation of warm honey flowing through my body.


One moment:

Lunchtime: There was a moment in the restaurant when my hand touched the table top. I felt a zing of electricity and I paused to stroke the table with the palm of my hand.

I felt a shot of electricity and continued to rub my hand on the table for a few minutes. There was an increased sensation flowing in my entire body!

(none of this was drug or alcohol induced!)


Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 06.35.39 pm

One moment:

Having sex with my partner last night. There was a moment when I lightly stroked his butt. I felt an electric zing from my finger to his butt through his hard cock inside of me and pulsed into my pussy. My pussy was swelling and the sensation kept increasing. More sensation than I have ever felt in sex. Pulsing heat and electricity transmitted into my pussy.


One moment:

Sitting side by side on the couch as I am writing this blog, he readjusted his foot and it lightly brushed against my little toe. I felt a zing of electricity move from my foot, up my body, all the way to the top of my head.  A flash of an instant and a distinct feeling of connection. My body feels so alive!


Leaving you with that sensation for now. (Even the roof of my mouth is tingling from writing this. Yum!)

What is your experience with sensation in your body?




Andrea Hylen believes in the power of our voice to usher in a new world. She is the founder of Heal My Voice, an organization that inspires women and men to heal a story, reclaim personal power and step into greater leadership. Andrea discovered her unique gifts while parenting three daughters and learning to live life fully after the deaths of her brother, son and husband. In addition to serving as Heal My Voice’s Executive Director, Andrea is an Orgasmic Meditation Teacher and Sexuality Coach.

She is following her intuition as she collaborates with women and men in organizations and travels around the world speaking, teaching and leading workshops. Her passion is authentically living life and supporting others in doing the same. To connect with Andrea and learn about current projects go to: and

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