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Day 13: On the road: The gifts in the delay

January 24, 2010

I am a girl of action. I love to do, do, do. I love to-do lists and checklists and planners and goal setting. This leads to the true life-long learning process of my world. Patience and the Art of Being. Any other Doers out there who struggle with their ability to BE?

I remember the first time I consciously prayed for patience many, many years ago. The next week was filled with delays. I was stuck in traffic jams and long lines at the bank. I got it! Pray for patience and you actually have to practice it. It is not a gift that is given with a snap of the fingers. It is something that has to be experienced.

For my latest journey, why am I surprised about the many gifts in the weather delay of staying in Phoenix for 5 more days?

First gift was the time I had with my daughter, Liz. We set boundaries and created space in the apartment working through the initial stress by communicating more and finding ways to support each other. When Liz was gone all day, Hannah and I fed the dogs and took them for extra walks. I worked at the table and sat in the chair that is her usual workspace. On the day she was home all day working on schoolwork, I went to Border’s with Hannah. I loved the Seattle’s Best coffee, the great wireless connection and really comfy chairs. It was very cocoon-like. I started writing again and revising the book draft I worked on a year ago,loving the flow of ideas and words.

Liz and I had a few deep, thoughtful conversations. One day she made a delicious polenta and tempeh sandwich to share with us for breakfast. It was a mock “Egg McMuffin”. A delicious dish that became the background for more discussions about food. She has made some remarkable, inspiring changes in her diet. I had questions for her which led to more connections. How do we eat consciously? How do I find healthy, ethical choices on the road? How do I nurture my body? How do I function in society when I am hungry and don’t have healthier choices? We could have talked on the phone, but there is something about having the conversations while we cooked and ate a meal together.

Liz is a senior at Prescott College. Most of the classes are independent study and then a senior project. One day we went to Paradise Cafe together. She was revising and rechecking the requirements for her degree plan. I was clearing out my e-mail inbox. While I sat there, an e-mail arrived from the Omega Institute in New York. I asked if she had ever considered going to the Women’s event in September. It would be a perfect fit for her degree and would tie in with her senior project. We talked about this for an hour weaving the details of a road trip she is taking with her grandmother, my mother, in the fall. The journey will be a part of her senior project. Two generations connecting and sharing on the road.

Gift #2 was the beginning of taking walks again. Every day there was an opportunity to walk and appreciate the landscape of cactus and Gambel’s quail. The first time I saw a Gambel’s quail, I felt like something magical had crossed my path. They are so beautiful, colorful and energetic. I breathed as I walked and let the ideas flow through me. I felt more connected to myself. There was time.

Gift #3 was the time to connect with my cats. We had time to settle in and cuddle and adjust to all of the travel and changes. I had the opportunity to watch them adjust to Liz’s apt and the dogs and a new routine. I knew that they would be alright in the foster home.

Everyday something new appeared that helped me to enjoy the time and practice the art of patience.

I encourage you to look at where you are in your life right now Really take a look at the things you have wanted and by waiting or redirecting your course, you are surrounded by gifts.

Day 8 On the Road- Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap starring Scott Bakula, as Sam Beckett has been my winter TV obsession. I have been watching re-runs of the 1990’s TV show for free on on my computer.

Sam is a scientist and a genius who creates a way to leap into different time periods. It is science blended with spirituality. He refers to “God”, ‘Him” and points to the sky. This is always in reference to how the different time periods and situations are selected. Sam enters into someone else’s body and lives as himself in their life and body until it is time to leap again.

Another character played by Dean Stockton appears as a hologram who gives Sam data on why he might be in this particular time period and body. Always the question is, “what am I doing here?” Dean’s character, Al, uses data from the future and the two of them discuss infinite possibilities. These come from listening to their hearts.

One of the things that inspires me is wherever Sam leaps, he does his best to bring love, compassion, honesty and integrity to the situation. He wants to make a difference and make it better than when he arrived. There is always a period of adjustment. Who am I? What am I doing here? How can I make a difference? This is always a balancing act. Where to influence and where to support.

I can relate to Sam and the Quantum Leap. I feel that I have lived most of my life as Sam. Leaping in and out of lives, time periods, and situations. Connecting passionately and with an eagerness to learn about why I am there and what I can do to make a difference. But, there is something in watching Quantum Leap right now that is calling me to go even deeper. Calling me to awaken to something else.

I have had a few extra days in Arizona to watch a few more episodes and to reflect on the message in Quantum Leap.

My last Quantum Leap was into my friend, Kate’s house. Kate offered a place for my daughter Hannah and me to stay as we were completing the sale of our house. She was also in a transition.

The first week, Kate cooked and nurtured me. I watched the morning routine as her daughter got ready for school and watching the feeding and care of her dogs. I assessed the situation to see how I could bring me into the situation. It is about opening to the routine that is there without any judgment. It is about seeing where you can help and allow who you are to emerge. The second week, Kate had terrible back spasms which required a trip to the emergency room. I picked up the routine. I helped Molly get ready for school, fed the dogs, grocery shopped and cooked dinner.

Kate and I supported each other in our lives for two months. She helped me as I made decisions on my house and cats and moving to California. We shared dream journals and holiday fun. She was there the night I started my first Ustream show: Open to Inspiration, recorded from her kitchen. And I know that by sharing myself and listening to Kate, we both transformed. (Molly and Hannah and the cats and the dogs were also impacted. Lots of good stories and memories!)

On one of the Quantum Leap shows, Sam Beckett says, “When I leap, I get to see what it’s like to walk in another man’s shoes.” Everyday I am open to the life that is unfolding in front of me.

Flood watches, wind, rain, tornado watches still happening in California. Every day I am open to the life that is unfolding in front of me.

Day 6- On the road: A weather delay

For weeks the weather forecast in Los Angeles area had been sunny in the 70’s and 80’s. Gorgeous warm weather calling me from the harsh winter on the East Coast. Hannah and I drove for four days to make it to Scottsdale, Arizona. The plan was to visit with my daughter, Liz for two days, take a breath and then move on to California.

On the first day in Arizona, I took time to write a blog, visited with a friend, Sherryl Haldy, cheered the Ravens on to…defeat, instead of victory! at a local sports bar and to assess the situation with the foster family for my cats in Santa Barbara, CA. Ready to move on now.

But, there is a delay. A weather delay. The initial feeling was frustration. My daughter lives in an apt that is the perfect size for she and her boyfriend, Ari and their two big dogs, Mac and Morrie. Add a mother (me) on an air mattress, a sister on the couch (Hannah) and 2 cats that the boyfriend is extremely allergic to and watch the stress mount. Ari, the boyfriend, is working in Los Angeles. He is out of town for a few weeks and agreed to have us stay there while he is away. Liz is going to do a major cleaning after we leave.

But the stress of staying here. Should we go to a hotel? Is there a way for us to communicate and find a way to work things out in the apartment?

I know that everything is Divine. Every delay, every leap, all of it has been perfect. I really believe that even when I don’t see it in the moment. So, what is the opportunity in this delay? What is the gift? I am listening and awake as I watch the opportunity unfold.