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New York City

An Introduction to OM class

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 11.26.09 PMThere was a moment at the end of the day when 30 men and women sat in a circle to share a few frames from an experience of their first OM. It was a class from 10am-5pm with an optional lab, after the class, where people can stay, connect with a partner and have an experience of an OM.

After the lab, we all sat in a circle and one by one finished the prompt, “Right now, I am grateful for…” The answers came in a gentle wave of vulnerability, tenderness, connection. A soft, smoothness wrapped the room where for a moment, our innocence returned. I am grateful for… community, my partner, connection, the power of this practice, humanity, courage to try something new, the teachers, the support staff, authenticity, a real experience of connection.

In a community space, in the middle of Soho, something had shifted in each of us.


Let’s Back Up for a Minute

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 7.27.35 AMOM is short for Orgasmic Meditation. It is a fifteen minute partnered practice that involves stroking the upper left hand quadrant of a woman’s clitoris for 15 minutes. OM is a practice between two people that has no goal except to feel what is happening in the moment. Connection. Sensation. Simplicity. Attention.

A frame is a moment in time during your OM, when you felt a physical sensation in your body. This includes temperature, texture, motion, pressure, color, and speed. Sharing a frame is a way to anchor the experience of the OM and the connection. One moment. Focusing on what is present vs what is not.


It is a practice

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 6.22.09 PMI have been OMing for almost three years now. For two years, I lived in a community and had a daily practice. OMing is a form of meditation and it is a practice. So, every OM is different. There is stillness and excitement and feelings of pleasure, anger, sadness, agitation, and did I say pleasure? OM is a purification process. The practice empties out your thoughts, old stories and conditioning and helps you to release emotions. The practice also fills you up with pleasure, connection and nourishment.

While I was in New York I decided to attend the Intro to OM class again. Probably my 20th time as a student. I entered with Beginner’s Mind as if this is the first time I am hearing the information. I received it personally and as a teacher of Introduction to OM classes where I am co-teaching in Washington, DC. I asked myself questions to set an intention for the day:

What can I learn to deepen my practice?

What can I learn about teaching that will serve the people I am working with?


I saw it in the eyes of the new participants in the circle and I remembered.

*It takes courage to try something new and this practice is changing the way we connect.

*Every time I OM, enter as if it is the first time.

*No goal.

*Focus on connection and sensation.

*Regular consistent practice.



I will be sharing more about Orgasmic Meditation all week. Check out the blogs all week.

(Photo of circle is from a smaller class in San Francisco. Credit Noah Berger for The New York Times)



Andrea Hylen believes in the power of our voice to usher in a new world. She is the founder of Heal My Voice, an organization that inspires women and men to heal a story, reclaim personal power and step into greater leadership. Andrea discovered her unique gifts while parenting three daughters and learning to live life fully after the deaths of her brother, son and husband. In addition to serving as Heal My Voice’s Executive Director, Andrea is an Orgasmic Meditation Teacher and Sexuality Coach.

She is following her intuition as she collaborates with women and men in organizations and travels around the world speaking, teaching and leading workshops. Her passion is authentically living life and supporting others in doing the same. To connect with Andrea and learn about current projects go to: and




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