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Concert 30- Los Angeles, California Aug 8, 2009

A family from Fresno who reads the blog. Fun meeting you all at the Verizon in-store event 3785 Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles.

Today’s concert really provided me with about a week’s worth of blog topics. There will be more blogs in the fall, when the concerts are over so I can explore all of these ideas. People I met, things I felt and observed, and really appreciating the richness of life when I allow myself to open and observe all of it.

For now, here is yesterday, Aug 8, 2009

After laundry and re-packing my suitcase with clothing for the next week or so, Hannah and I headed over to the Verizon in-store event for Honor Society and the Wonder Girls. It was poster signings and handshakes with the bands.

I found an all day parking lot at a church about six blocks from the store. An easy walk along a tree-lined street. I paid the parking lot attendant, an older hispanic man with wrinkles around his eyes that made a permanent smile. I thanked him and he said, “Thank you for coming.”

When he said those simple words I felt an outpouring of love and gratitude. There was a sincerity behind his words that caused me to pause, breathe in that moment and lock eyes with him. I nodded and smiled. In that simple moment, I was reminded of the impact we can have on one another with something as simple as a few words, a smile, or a wave.

I walked to the store with a spring in my step and joined in the activity that was already in full swing. There was a contest to do the Honor Roll which is a dance to See U in the Dark by the Honor Society. Very few girls were getting up to do the dance so I jumped in and received one of the VIP passes to see the Honor Society. For me, it is such a catchy dance that I “gotta dance” when I hear it.

Hannah won a sound check to the Jonas Brothers for 4 people. In 30 concerts of the summer and 55 concerts in two years, I have never been to a sound check party or met the Jonas Brothers in a meet and greet. Whenever there has been an opportunity, we have had one ticket and I have always given it to Hannah. I was so excited to finally see what the sound check was all about!

I went into the Verizon store when it was my turn to meet the Honor Society band. Of course, they know us now, so it is more of a “hey, how’s it going today,” instead of a first time meeting. I told Andrew, the bass player, that I can really feel him connecting to the audience. I have been sitting in the higher seats for the last few shows and when he looks up there, he sends moon beams of love energy. The audience can really feel it. It is really cool to watch how they are each expanding into more and more of who they are. He was appreciative of the feedback. I was sending moonbeams of love to him.

I was joking with the rest of them about how I think I should have a permanent VIP pass for Verizon store events so I can come in at the head of the line and I should have an open meet and greet pass to come and get a picture every couple of concerts. Mike and Jason were like yeah, cool and Alex was confused. It was really precious. He was slowly talking about how I would need a Jonas backstage pass in order to do that and … I was only messing with them, but I think he was really trying to process how to do that. They are sweethearts and it is there time to shine. Lots of talent in that group.

We met a family from Fresno who had come to LA for the concert today (picture above) and they introduced themselves and we got pictures with them. I love these moments of connecting with all of you. One of the guys had a Hurley shirt on (my husband’s name). It is always fun to see that. Like a “hey, how’s it going,” from him.

We wanted to stay to see the Wonder Girls but there was a delay to get started, my number was 147 in-line and we had to be at the Staples Center by 3pm for Sound Check. I will see them soon. I love, love, love the Wonder Girls.

When we went back to the car, I realized I did not have my phone. Back to the Verizon store. No one had turned in a phone. Another detail!

The Sound Check was really fun. They do a sound check on the equipment and they throw in some fun. This year it is costumes at some of the venues. It was like a Halloween party with turkey, cow, mouse, lots of bears, and dog costumes. Joe was a turkey. Kevin was a mouse. Nick was himself. He does not like to dress up and maintains the right to refuse.

They asked for a volunteer to come up and play guitar with them. She played the guitar and then they autographed it and gave it to her. A group of five people from the audience who were dressed in costume came up to play musical chairs and then it was over. It was fun to be in there with a group of a couple hundred people. It felt intimate in the huge Staples Center. We were all in the section in front of the main center stage. They played BB Good and Video Girl.

When the sound check was over, we were allowed to stay inside the Staples Center in a section of the concourse. I was one of the first people in my seat section when the doors opened. I had a burrito from Comancho kiosk, enough food for two meals.

I was observing the usher in my section. The kindness I felt from the parking lot attendant was continued with the usher throughout the evening. He was attentive and working during the whole show. He talked with the children. He made sure that everyone was comfortable. Once a person was seated, he came back to make sure everything was okay.

He even readjusted a couple of the seats with consent from people. For instance, two girls had seats apart and he asked if people would readjust so the girls could sit together. Another girl was here for her first concert. It was a birthday present from her mother. After a few JB songs, she had her head in her mother’s lap. The usher came over. The lights were in her eyes. The usher arranged things so that two girls a few rows up came down and the girl and her mother went up a few rows.

I have never seen anything like this. He was on-call for our section all night long. It was truly amazing to see this. I am going to see if I can find him tonight to tell him that. It was so loud and confusing when we all left the concert, I never had a chance to find him and tell him how much I appreciated his kindness all night long.

He also loves Michael Jackson and grew up listening to the Jackson Five. He shared how special the Memorial was for Michael. He wears a medallion under his shirt and says that he feels Michael in the Center.

This man is truly a guardian angel of the space he works in every evening. I am grateful and inspired by what I saw and experience last night.

Concert 23-St. Louis, Missouri: A Hummingbird Day

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Concert 23-St. Louis, Missouri
A Hummingbird Day

I began the day yesterday with reflections about the anniversary of the death of my husband, Hurley Cox. All of the beautiful blessings from friends and family yesterday, and the desire to focus on the hummingbirds, created the most magical day of the entire tour.

As you know, Hannah and I are going to 45 Jonas Brothers concerts this summer. Yesterday was the middle, number 23. Like climbing a hill, reaching the pinnacle point and now it is all downhill from here. Each concert takes us closer to our goal. We are savoring every moment knowing that it will be over in the blink of an eye.

Yesterday was like having a fairy godmother wave her magic wand over us. Or was it a loved one in Spirit, Hurley, guiding the way?

We spent the morning taking care of a variety of details and then hopped in the car to find our way to the Honor Society in-store Verizon Wireless event. When we arrived, we got our wrist bands that guaranteed a place in line for a poster signing with the Honor Society band, Michael, Andrew, Alexander and Jason. I scooted off to Target to refill the car with snacks and bottled water.

I received a mildly frantic call from Hannah to come back to the store. There was a contest for free tickets. This was a contest that required us to work as a team. To get the tickets, you had to have the most people there in a group with you supporting you to get the tickets. Hannah sent messages on twitter. I worked the crowd to tell them our story and ask them to support us. We eventually gathered about twenty-five people and won two tickets for the show last night!

In the process of winning the tickets, we met a variety of people. We met Kelsey who is the head of the Honor Society street team in Missouri. She is a natural networker, promoter and journalist at the age of 15. She connected me with Taylor J from Z107.7, a radio station personality in St Louis. I did a 30 second audio promo about our blog and then Taylor recorded me for a vlog. It is on her site.

We met another girl Hannah who had extra meet and greet passes for the Honor Society and she gave them to us. She was so sweet and smart. She is a perfect example of what I am seeing with the young women we are meeting. She knew that we would need to connect to get the passes. She took our phone numbers, sent Hannah a text message, found us at the venue with the passes, made sure that we had the meeting time and the code for the pictures. Smart, efficient, caring, open hearted young woman.

The Honor Society guys know my daughter, Hannah and me. We first met them in Denver when there was a small gathering of people. We told them our story and Alex, in particular, has been so enthusiastic about this journey. As they were signing my poster yesterday, I was telling them about the Oprah e-mail campaign. It is a long story and I am going to do my first Vlog about it very soon! Alex wanted to know if I had talked to Ned about it. Yes, and it is a silly story.

After more dancing and talking with people, Hannah and I found our way to the Scottrade Center for the concert. The weather had changed from hot, sunny to a windy, cool, thunderstorm.

In one of my blogs I wrote about the community that is formed around the venue with the staff from each of the sponsors. Everyone supports each other. We were huddled under the Mike and Ike’s canopy and I was talking with one of the Mike and Ike guys, James. He is a great guy, a college student who is working an amazing job for the summer. He is traveling around the United States, eating meals with all of the musicians, meeting sports figures who stop by the venues (he is a huge sports fan!) and occasionally, meeting a famous musician like Bono. It is fun to hear the stories and share in his excitement.

Well, last night, there were extra Jordin Sparks meet and greet passes. He knew how much we love Jordin and he gave us two tickets. This doesn’t happen often but tonight was our lucky night.

When the rain slowed down, he took down the canopy and we wandered over to the Verizon Recording Studio Bus. There were only a few people in line, so we climbed aboard for the tour. Michael and Mikie were giving the tour that day with Jesse hanging out in the front. It started pouring again so we hung out there for about 45 minutes. The bus travels with a variety of musicians who can use the bus to record songs while they are on tour. Instead of just a 5 minute tour, last night they were showing us how they mix the songs and demonstrated the instruments and played a wide variety of music for us.

Hannah and I split up and talked to different people until the doors opened and we found our way to our FREE front row seats. All of a sudden, I look up and I see two people I met in DC. This is one of those weird moments in life. In the parking garage after the concert in DC, I talked with 2 people who were parked next to me. Tonight they were in St. Louis, bought tickets and the tickets were right next to Hannah and me. Hannah is going to connect with one of the guys on Facebook. Nice people. Okay, Universe, what was that all about?

We knew so many people there last night. From other concerts, from the Verizon Wireless event earlier in the day and from the Jonas community.

We watched the Honor Society set, went backstage to have pictures and get hugs. We met two members from the band Since Forever. I am going to check them out on myspace and write a review.

Back to our seats for the end of Jordin’s set, then backstage to talk with her. She has been sick and was not allowed to speak, but I told her how I am having so much fun watching her grow as an artist this summer. She smiled, clapped her hands and hugged me. She is so nice.

Back to our seats for another great Jonas Brothers concerts. I danced and danced and went crazy with the band. I was so into it I kept bumping into Hannah and even scratching her with my nails. Sorry! I need more space to dance!

All in all, it was a Hummingbird Day.