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Discover your own inner journey in an interactive e-book series

Discover your own inner journey in an interactive e-book series
September 3, 2010

I love the fall! New ideas! Bursts of energy! And a preview of the coming year. During Sept, the month before my birthday, this always happens. Ideas come to me and I work on them over the next year. Maybe it is the conditioning of the end of summer and the beginning of the school year. Maybe it is seasonal. Maybe it is related to my birthday and the promise of a new year!

Whatever it is, 2 project ideas have arrived! I am going to tell you about one of them today.

Many of you know I traveled to 45 Jonas Brothers concerts during the summer of 2009. Hannah, my youngest daughter and I drove 24,000 miles in 11 weeks.

A few days ago, I surrendered to the impulse to share this book. The book involves 45 Jonas Brothers concerts, but there is a deeper story underneath. I felt called to do something that summer that made no logical sense and I lived on the edge financially to do it for three months.  Every time I was ready to give up, be responsible, come back to Baltimore, there was a paradigm shift.

*An invitation to dinner in Portland from a mother who was following the journey
*A 3-minute conversation with a woman in Minneapolis telling me the blogs were a lifeline to her 13 year old daughter
*A job to film Jonas fans playing Bop-it
*A mother who became a lifeline to my daughter in Los Angeles
*Tickets and hotel rooms that appeared from musicians and a bus driver who was driving the back up band.

It became a quest. With limited money,  I had to think differently to make it to the end.

Isn’t that what we are all being called to do right now? Think in a different way about all of the details in our lives. Everything in the world is changing. Jobs, housing, banking, education, government and healthcare.  This is not the time to give up. This is the time to dig deeper, get a new perspective, awaken our creativity, and collaborate with one another.

Here is the beginning of my vision. It will continue to evolve this year:

I am creating a membership called An Evolutionary Woman’s Journey series (this came to me as I drove through the mountains in 2008. Another story!)

The membership time period is Oct 1, 2010-Sept 30, 2011. The cost is $22. (If you sign up now, the cost is $17 and you will receive the first excerpt of the book on Sept 22, 2010)

Three e-books will be released this year:

Book 1-45 concerts Part 1
Book 2-45 concerts Part 2
Book 3-Living on the Road: A One-year journey

Here is what you do:

1. Go to this link to sign up:

2. Every month 8-10 chapters of the current book will be e-mailed to you on the 22nd. I will mail the first chapters on Sept 22. It will be a pdf file. You can read it on your computer or print it out.

3. A survey will arrive 2 weeks later asking you for your opinion about things in the book.

4. Every month there will be something for you to vote on- Title of the book, Cover design, Book structure. I will supply the content of the book, but you will be building it with me. There is a book series called, “Choose Your Own Adventure.” There may be elements of that added to the book. Sections about making choices in our lives.

5. There is a Facebook page to join called An Evolutionary Woman’s Journey Series. There will be discussions. Anyone can join the FB page, but the books will only be shared with people who have a membership.

6. More ideas will emerge! And many of them will come from you.

7. If anyone has a business or a website, there will be space in the back of the book to advertise. E-mail me at for advertising info.

8. If you have more questions about the program before signing up, write in the comments section of this blog or go to my formspring account.

9. A monthly drawing with prizes like posters, books and goodies. More ideas will emerge…


Here are some of the lines from the book- Part 1:

*Concert 5-:  I started thinking about the impact we can each have on the people and the world around us. I talked with many fans who felt that the Jonas Brothers music had healed their hearts. They felt sad or unloved in their lives. This sadness could be from the loss of a loved one or an illness or a disappointment in life.

As I sang the songs in the concert tonight, I began to imagine that I was a light beam in the world. I was feeling the love and the music and then I was imagining that I could spread that love to the section I was in and then to the rest of the arena and out into the world.

What if that is true? What if whenever we felt love we began to radiate love to the world? Try this. Think of a situation where you have felt love. Feel the love and imagine that it can flow out of you, like breathing in and out. Breathe in the love. Breathe out the love. As you feel the healing of you own heart, breathe that out into the world and then breathe it in again. Maybe that is the greatest gift of following the Jonas Brothers. The love we feel radiated to ourselves and each other.

*I ask myself, “Why can’t I trust life to support me? Why must I worry and fear that things will not work out? Why am I holding onto the details of life so tightly when I have so much proof that I am supported?

*Am I here to watch the movie of my life or am I here for the ride? I choose the ride.

*Concert 6- Tacoma, Washington. I needed silence. My mind was racing with questions and I wanted to find a stillness to hear the answers. For me the silence is best in nature. I take a quiet walk or sit and watch the birds, the flowers, the trees, the wind, the clouds and the sky. As I sit in that still connection between myself and something greater than myself, the questions begin to appear.

*(talking about the impact of songs from the bands traveling with the Jonas Brothers) From the Honor Society is the song, “See U in the Dark.” This is stirring something in me that is ready for the next chapter in my life. I am closing the chapter of homeschooling Mom. Widow of Hurley. Baltimore resident. I am excited to move into the next chapter and it is scary at the same time. The words from the song, “I’ll never see you the same, The veil has been lifted, now I see you’re gifted, My whole perspective has changed.” This summer I want to explore the questions, “What are my gifts? What is the next step for me? How do I support Hannah in the last two years of school and begin to explore my own new life?” What’s next?

*Concert 9: Provo, Utah. My victory is your victory. My YES! to the Universe, is your YES! to the Universe. My adventure leads you to your adventure.

It takes courage to step out of your comfort zone and risk everything. I am learning to relax more on this evolutionary edge and follow the ideas and the guidance. Every step leads me to the next step.

*This is funny. As I write this blog, the ad on my Facebook page in this moment reads, “Be more than a Leader. Be an influential leader. Learn how to create solutions that make a difference!”


 I hope you will join me on the journey this year, as we create something together. Here is the link to sign up:

Honor Society and The Wonder Girls: A Bonus from Jonas

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The daily quest, of course, is to meet the Jonas Brothers. On the blog comments, on twitter, on Facebook it is one of the most important and frequently asked questions from the fans. How do we meet the Jonas Brothers?

I am approaching the “60 Jonas Brothers concerts in two years” mark. I have never met the Jonas Brothers and at this point, I am not sure what I would say to them. What do you say to three young men who have brought healing, connection and expansion to your life and the life of your daughter and so many others? How do you express that in 30 seconds? Although I would like to think I would be composed and focused, I probably would just stand there and cry in gratitude. So, the point is that I am living in the now of what I am experiencing and I know that I may never be able to truly share this with them.

And for now, something very special has been happening where I can express my gratitude and joy every day. It is with another group of the extended Jonas family.

The surprise gift of the tour this summer has been the opening bands for the Jonas Brothers. They have been a bonus from Jonas and a way for us to connect and expand our experience.

As we travel across the country this summer, Honor Society and The Wonder Girls remind us of what it was like two years ago when we first started to follow the Jonas Brothers. It was easy to get meet and greets during the first three concerts we attended during the summer of 2007. Pre-order a Jonas Brothers CD and get in line for a meet and greet. Pictures or poster signings and you would also get to touch their hands! Hannah pre-ordered two CDs and one time, at Six Flags in Largo, Maryland she was able to go backstage with friends of ours, the Pruchas. The Pruchas were JB fans about six months before Hannah.

Becca Prucha, was one of the lucky girls to be called on-stage during the song Hello Beautiful. They could do that when the venues were small. Here is the link to remember the early days. (The first two minutes are a bit rough and I know that Kim, the Mom, who is was recording this, had tears of joy running down her face.) Look at the early logo on the drum, too.

The band Honor Society and international singing stars the Wonder Girls have been so much fun. The accessibility has been amazing. We have had the opportunity to meet them at Verizon in-store events and enter contests to easily win meet and greet passes. We see The Wonder Girls outside almost every day before the show around 4 or 4:30pm and after the show. In Asia, they are mobbed. Here they are starting over and we are lucky to see them up close.

If the concerts are still coming to your town, look on www.myspace/, for the latest on the Honor Society free events. I know that they have Verizon poster signing events in Houston and Tampa. They have about six more Full Moon Crazy Shows. We have paid $10-$25 per ticket for these great shows. At the Verizon events there are contests for JB tickets, Full Moon Crazy show tickets, Sound checks, shirts, and CDs. Each place is a little different.

Follow the band on twitter and you can see other events. Like yesterday, Honor Society was at a movie theater, played an acoustic version of “Where are you now?” and signed posters or a shirt or one of anything you wanted signed. The movie Bandslam is released around the country today. The Honor Society sings the song, “Where are you now” for the movie.

In LA, there was a Verizon in-store event at 3785 Wilshire Blvd in L.A. and then a PPP- Pinkberry Yogurt event to come and hang out with the band. Twitter is the best way to get the up-to-date location of events.

I also want to draw your attention to all of the free stuff that happens at the concerts. For example, yesterday, you could have paid $8 to park next to the AT&T center in San Antonio, Texas or parked farther away for free or taken a bus and come to the parking lot center.

Mike and Ike’s has a green screen where you can get a free picture to download off of the computer. They put Jordin Sparks in the picture with you.. And lots of free Mike and Ike’s sample packets of Lemonade and regular flavor.

Burger King has crowns to color and free apple fries (apples cut into the shape of fries.)

Verizon Wireless had a recording studio tour on the bus. (they may return at the end of the tour in Ohio but right now they are with Soldier Boy and then Taylor Swift. Possibly there for a few shows in the end. Will update when I know.) and dance contests. You have to have a ticket for most meet and greet and soundcheck passes. But, I just found out that the Jordin Sparks meet and greets are sometimes available even if you don’t have a ticket. Go to the Mike and Ike’s stand and ask.

The Wonder Girls come out to the parking lot and dance at most of the venues. Verizon has a meet and greet contest for Honor Society. Learn the Honor Roll to See U in the Dark and win the meet and greets.

Look for Road dog softball games with the Jonas Brothers in some towns. I know I keep saying Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, but it really is the best and fastest way to get the information. The bands all tweet on the go.

Or follow Hannah and me on Twitter. ( or /AHylen ) We do our best to update the latest news and changes.

Honor Society has The Full Moon Crazy concert as a pre-party or after-party It is always like a nightclub setting. It may not be a place for 10 year olds. New York was a very dark, nightclub scened but in LA there were a lot of families that came and it was a lighter, brighter atmosphere. For older teens and up, it is a great, great show. The guys have incredible energy. They really own the shows at this venue. Jonas Brothers have popped in to sing one song and support them along the way. Check out the local venues and decide if it is a place you want to go. Hannah and I will be at all of them. Come dance with us!

You may like bands other than the Jonas Brothers. Follow the fan sites. Follow the band on twitter. Ask information about the free activites. And maybe you will find other bands to fall in love with the way we have fallen for Honor Society and The Wonder Girls.

As I watch the meteoric rise this summer, I know that next year, I will be waving to Honor Society from the 3rd tier of a venue. I will remember the close connection of shaking their hands, the hugs, and the up close conversations. My life is richer for cheering them on and supporting them as they reach for their dream. They are living it this summer and it is adding to our memories of the summer tour of 2009.

On our way to Houston today. Big, fun day. Verizon store to see Honor Society. Jonas Brothers show this evening. Full Moon Crazy at 11pm.

Concert 31- Los Angeles, California August 9, 2009

April. the Mom from Chicago. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will be in touch in the next few weeks


Concert 31- Los Angeles, California
August 9, 2009

The Jonas Brothers are a back drop for my life. By creating music and concerts they have opened a place for me to experience life. I may go to hundreds of Jonas Brothers concerts in my life and I may never get closer to them than third row in the middle section of the stage. In that seat, I locked eyes with each of them and I sent them joy, love and gratitude. I am complete.

This was never about meeting them. It was about the music and the community and the heart centeredness. It has been a journey of healing, connecting and expanding.

What is most important to me today is the experience I am having with you. Something really amazing happened yesterday. It was a powerful example of what I am talking about here.

First part of story:

It all started with losing my phone on August 8 during the Verizon wireless in-store event for Honor Society and The Wonder Girls. I had so many bags and stuff, it probably flipped out of the bag. Verizon may have even thought it was one of the donations of old cell phones they were collecting on that day.

Second part of the story:

On August 8 in the evening-11pm , there was A Full Moon Crazy concert with Honor Society at Club Nokia. Honor Society put on an amazing show. The Jonas Brothers stopped by to sing, “Close the Book,” with HS and Jordin Sparks popped in, too. It was like hanging out with them in an intimate, high energy environment. If you have a chance to see Honor Society on the tour, you can find the information on

Before the show started, I asked two young women about the logistics of the stage. They didn’t know, but we started a conversation about where we were from and concerts we had attended and more. At one point, there was a connection when we talked about the concerts in Chicago and I told them my daughter and I were going to 45 concerts. They stopped in mid-sentence, got excited, knew the story and called their mom, April over and the other sister. Three sisters who were going to a few concerts this summer with their Mom.

(They sang at a soundcheck and when I find the link I will post in. More details will be added in Sept.)

We had such a great conversation about our daughters and the connecting we can do with them by going to the concerts and sharing this experience. I found another soul sister, in the mom, April, who understood.

They had two tickets to sell for the next day. I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but we have reached a point where we are looking for cheap tickets every day. We are not trying to take advantage of anyone. It is just part of our journey right now. April gave me her phone number and we said we would call about the tickets the next morning after looking at our budget.

Third part of the story:

The next morning, Hannah and I looked at the money we had, calculated the gas, food, and tickets for the next two concerts and realized we had $100 total to spend on tickets for the LA show. I called April on Hannah’s phone, let her know our budget and thanked her for the ticket offer, but we didn’t have enough money. April decided that she didn’t have time to sell them to anyone else and would sell them to us for the $100. We agreed to meet at the venue that evening. She had Hannah’s cell phone. Mine was still lost.

Fourth part of the story:

A friend of Hannah’s, Jade, sent her a tweet. She had an extra ticket to the Teen Choice Awards. Jonas Brothers were hosting. Honor Society was presenting an award. And Jordin Sparks and everyone else was there in the audience. It was a crazy night with the Teen Choice Awards and a concert going on, too.

I dropped Hannah off at Universal for the Teen Choice Awards. It is 20 minutes from the Staples Center. She was texting Jade and Rosie and was waiting for them outside of the Awards Show.

In the meantime, I backtracked to see if I could find my phone. Church parking lot, asked the attendant. Coffee shop. Verizon Wireless store. No, no, no. Verizon staff convinced me to turn off my phone so no one can use. it. They turned off the wrong phone. Hannah was at the teen choice awards and her phone service was cut off before connecting with friends. (It took a week for us to find out that Hannah’s phone was cut of instead of mine, not in addition to mine!)

Finally, the point of the story and the lasered details for the ending:

I didn’t have a phone. Hannah’s phone was cut off. But, she had April’s cell phone number because of the ticket conversation. Hannah borrowed someone’s phone. Called April in tears. April reached out to her with nurturing and a solution (offered to pay for a cab and meet her.) Hannah met up with friends 10 minutes later, called April back. All is well.

I heard the a part of the story from April but did not know the whole story until Hannah arrived at the Staples Center a few hours later. April gave us the tickets. I gave her a copy of my book. She gave me a CD of music (more on this in the fall when I highlight some musicians and bands we met this summer.)

I have been a mother for 25 years. When one of my children are hurt or in danger, I get a strong feeling of fear. I did not feel that with Hannah on that day. I felt that April had been placed in our lives as a protector, a safety net, a person who could support Hannah in the moment.

While I waited for Hannah to arrive at the Staples Center my heart was not fully into the music or the dancing or even in the meet and greet I went to for Jordin Sparks. They were all things that occupied my time. I kept breathing and dancing and trusting that she would be okay. And she arrived in time for Jonas. We connected and I hugged the stuffing out of her!!!

Sometimes as a single parent, I have felt that I am all alone. I have felt that there is no one else who can love Hannah enough to support her, nurture her or guide her. In this moment with April, a Mom from Chicago, I am glad that I was wrong. We are all supported Divinely with the perfect person in the perfect timing for everything.

It was also a lesson for me that I am not alone and I can depend on other people to help mentor and nurture my daughter.

Concert 24-Kansas City, Missouri Another Anniversary

Concert 24-Kansas City, Missouri
July 29, 2009

Another anniversary: Two years ago today Hannah and I went to our first Jonas Brothers concert. We stayed at a hotel outside of Philadelphia the night before. It was only two hours from our home but I needed sleep. The idea of getting up at 4 am to drive 2 hours, to sit in line in the sun, waiting to go to a concert was not my idea of fun. I wanted a good night’s sleep.

I have to laugh now when I think about how many times I have driven through the night or slept for 4 hours or less before driving 22 hours to the next town for a concert. It is amazing how your perspective can change about something.

We were up at 6am, sat in line, saw the concert and started an adventure I could never have imagined. But, that is how life is, isn’t it? When we open to inspiration and allow the unfolding of events, it is always greater, more powerful and brilliant and amazing. I have a saying that when I get out of the way, God steps in and the real adventure begins.

I have been thinking about some of the pivotal moments in my life. When I worked at the University of Maryland, many years ago, I was a research assistant on an epidemiological study involving elderly women and hip fractures.

I had a curiosity about a thing called a “computer.” It was 1984. Most people were not using computers. My boss encouraged me to take some classes. I learned that I was not good at programming, but I was very good at understanding the potential and communicating with the computer programmers. That led to my getting a job as a Project Director at Johns Hopkins University on an amateur boxing study and then my next job was working as a computer software trainer at a pharmaceutical company. It was good money and I loved the work and the freedom I had at the company. It happened because I was curious, interested, willing to work hard, learn and make mistakes. I took one step at a time that led me to discover something I was really good at. I was laid off from that job and a few years later began to home school my children. Each step led me to more joy, passion and expression of myself and my inner gifts.

I think about how the willingness to take my daughter to one concert two years ago led us to an adventure of travel, writing, growing together, healing our hearts, and meeting you. My heart overflows with gratitude. And the journey is still opening to more and more. I appreciate you the reader who is sharing in this journey. I appreciate you more than you will ever know.


In Kansas City, we attended the concert with the wife of one of my best friend’s ex-husband. Isn’t that confusing? My friend, Karen, is divorced from her husband, Kevin and he, now using his first name, Vince, is remarried to Meghan. Karen and Kevin’s (Vince’s) kids are in Kansas City for six weeks. So, we have driven half way across the country to go to a Jonas Brothers concert with Sophie, age 9.

I love describing these connections here. I have a friend, Susan, who can tell amazing stories about her family. She makes connections in her stories like the friend’s cousin’s wife’s sister’s dog. How can she remember that? It is so much fun to hear her stories.

Anyway, Meghan, the step mom, bought four tickets on Stub Hub for Hannah and Sophie and me and for herself. As the day approached, one of Meghan’s friend’s daughters (here I go again) was in town. I gave up my ticket and bought a single ticket at the box office. I found a great group of girls to dance with in another part of the venue.

Meghan drove to the venue and found the best parking spot of the summer! Yeah, Meghan!

I saw Sean from the vendor company, Mike and Ike’s, and yelled out to him. He doesn’t really know me so he was totally confused and I pulled a “you know we are watching your every move,” type of conversation. He got all wide-eyed and friendly but nervous. Then I introduced myself, to give the guy a break, and asked where James was today.

I found James, also from Mike and Ike’s and thanked him for the Jordin Sparks meet and greet passes from the night before. We talked about how nice and talented she is and how gracious with all of the fans. Then, he gave me an autographed picture of Jordin. He had an extra one from another event. I was so surprised! Here I was coming to thank him and the gifts just keep coming!!

We were able to get meet and greet passes for Honor Society again. Yeah! It happens sometimes when the band is in a town that doesn’t know them well. Kat was able to squeeze us in for a picutre moment. We saw them two nights in a row and I wished them well on their travels.

I was a little confused about where they were going next. Was it to the Bahamas and Mexico or just the Bahamas. No Mexico shows for them this time! Gio, the security guard and much more, said hello and gave me a high five.

I settled into my seat with a bag of Kettle Corn and a bottle of water and ready to dance! I was in the front row looking over the edge. Luckily there was a plexi-glass wall next to me and I held onto that until I got the rhythm of jumping in one place and reducing the risk of falling over the edge. Not sure if the people in the box seats next to me appreciated my hand placement, but I think it was better than watching me fall over the edge and plummet to my death in front of several small children.

Hannah and I were in different parts of the venue tonight. She had floor seats and I was in the balcony. I was in the first row in the farthest seat. As I was leaving the venue, I moved past 15 seats, climbed 21 rows, came halfway around the venue to a long escalator, waited in line for the escalator and then headed towards the outside door. A hand touched my shoulder and I looked around to see Hannah. Meghan and Sophie and Maddie went back to the car a few songs earlier. Out of all the different routes out of the building, how did we end up at the same place at the same time?

It was the perfect ending to a perfect day, as we walked to the car chatting back and forth about the adventures of the evening. All is well.

Concert 23-St. Louis, Missouri: A Hummingbird Day

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Concert 23-St. Louis, Missouri
A Hummingbird Day

I began the day yesterday with reflections about the anniversary of the death of my husband, Hurley Cox. All of the beautiful blessings from friends and family yesterday, and the desire to focus on the hummingbirds, created the most magical day of the entire tour.

As you know, Hannah and I are going to 45 Jonas Brothers concerts this summer. Yesterday was the middle, number 23. Like climbing a hill, reaching the pinnacle point and now it is all downhill from here. Each concert takes us closer to our goal. We are savoring every moment knowing that it will be over in the blink of an eye.

Yesterday was like having a fairy godmother wave her magic wand over us. Or was it a loved one in Spirit, Hurley, guiding the way?

We spent the morning taking care of a variety of details and then hopped in the car to find our way to the Honor Society in-store Verizon Wireless event. When we arrived, we got our wrist bands that guaranteed a place in line for a poster signing with the Honor Society band, Michael, Andrew, Alexander and Jason. I scooted off to Target to refill the car with snacks and bottled water.

I received a mildly frantic call from Hannah to come back to the store. There was a contest for free tickets. This was a contest that required us to work as a team. To get the tickets, you had to have the most people there in a group with you supporting you to get the tickets. Hannah sent messages on twitter. I worked the crowd to tell them our story and ask them to support us. We eventually gathered about twenty-five people and won two tickets for the show last night!

In the process of winning the tickets, we met a variety of people. We met Kelsey who is the head of the Honor Society street team in Missouri. She is a natural networker, promoter and journalist at the age of 15. She connected me with Taylor J from Z107.7, a radio station personality in St Louis. I did a 30 second audio promo about our blog and then Taylor recorded me for a vlog. It is on her site.

We met another girl Hannah who had extra meet and greet passes for the Honor Society and she gave them to us. She was so sweet and smart. She is a perfect example of what I am seeing with the young women we are meeting. She knew that we would need to connect to get the passes. She took our phone numbers, sent Hannah a text message, found us at the venue with the passes, made sure that we had the meeting time and the code for the pictures. Smart, efficient, caring, open hearted young woman.

The Honor Society guys know my daughter, Hannah and me. We first met them in Denver when there was a small gathering of people. We told them our story and Alex, in particular, has been so enthusiastic about this journey. As they were signing my poster yesterday, I was telling them about the Oprah e-mail campaign. It is a long story and I am going to do my first Vlog about it very soon! Alex wanted to know if I had talked to Ned about it. Yes, and it is a silly story.

After more dancing and talking with people, Hannah and I found our way to the Scottrade Center for the concert. The weather had changed from hot, sunny to a windy, cool, thunderstorm.

In one of my blogs I wrote about the community that is formed around the venue with the staff from each of the sponsors. Everyone supports each other. We were huddled under the Mike and Ike’s canopy and I was talking with one of the Mike and Ike guys, James. He is a great guy, a college student who is working an amazing job for the summer. He is traveling around the United States, eating meals with all of the musicians, meeting sports figures who stop by the venues (he is a huge sports fan!) and occasionally, meeting a famous musician like Bono. It is fun to hear the stories and share in his excitement.

Well, last night, there were extra Jordin Sparks meet and greet passes. He knew how much we love Jordin and he gave us two tickets. This doesn’t happen often but tonight was our lucky night.

When the rain slowed down, he took down the canopy and we wandered over to the Verizon Recording Studio Bus. There were only a few people in line, so we climbed aboard for the tour. Michael and Mikie were giving the tour that day with Jesse hanging out in the front. It started pouring again so we hung out there for about 45 minutes. The bus travels with a variety of musicians who can use the bus to record songs while they are on tour. Instead of just a 5 minute tour, last night they were showing us how they mix the songs and demonstrated the instruments and played a wide variety of music for us.

Hannah and I split up and talked to different people until the doors opened and we found our way to our FREE front row seats. All of a sudden, I look up and I see two people I met in DC. This is one of those weird moments in life. In the parking garage after the concert in DC, I talked with 2 people who were parked next to me. Tonight they were in St. Louis, bought tickets and the tickets were right next to Hannah and me. Hannah is going to connect with one of the guys on Facebook. Nice people. Okay, Universe, what was that all about?

We knew so many people there last night. From other concerts, from the Verizon Wireless event earlier in the day and from the Jonas community.

We watched the Honor Society set, went backstage to have pictures and get hugs. We met two members from the band Since Forever. I am going to check them out on myspace and write a review.

Back to our seats for the end of Jordin’s set, then backstage to talk with her. She has been sick and was not allowed to speak, but I told her how I am having so much fun watching her grow as an artist this summer. She smiled, clapped her hands and hugged me. She is so nice.

Back to our seats for another great Jonas Brothers concerts. I danced and danced and went crazy with the band. I was so into it I kept bumping into Hannah and even scratching her with my nails. Sorry! I need more space to dance!

All in all, it was a Hummingbird Day.

How I lost 7 lbs in three weeks

How I lost 7 lbs in three weeks!

We arrived in Baltimore for 24 hours and I weighed myself on the scale. I had lost 7 lbs. No real change in diet, just dancing at 15 concerts in less than a month. I call it the Jonas Brothers concert exercise program. Dancing to all of the songs at every concert is required, including learning the Honor Roll for the song, “See you in the dark” and the Wonder Girls dance to “Nobody.” (I will see if I can find links to those.)

For those of you who want to exercise to Jonas Brothers music, I created two videos last fall to stay in shape.

Here are the links:

Yoga to Hello Beautiful:

Dances from the 60’s to That’s Just the Way You Roll: